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My name is Jennifer S. Wilson.  I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years.  I started as a new grad in the Emergency Department working at a Level II Trauma Center for 15 years.  Prior to that, I got my first job while in college, after spelling the word diarrhea correctly.  I then worked in pediatrics, family practice, occupational health, and at an underserved clinic in Oakland, California for 15 years as a medical assistant prior to becoming a nurse.  

For the last 3 years, I have worked in both PACU and Pre-Op and was the charge nurse for 2 years in a busy PACU department.  COVID was something that caused many safety concerns that I was not willing to compromise my nursing license for.  I now work at home doing insurance authorization reviews (Utilization Review) while growing my business, J W Legal Nurse Associates, LLC.  

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1992 from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Then got my ASN from Rivier University in Nashua, NH in 2001.  

I am a Certified Emergency Room Nurse as well as a Certified Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse.  

I became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant in September of 2021.  

I am a member of both NACLNC and AALNC 

I have always thought what next?  The law and nursing and how they work together have always interested me.  I volunteered as a sexual assault advocate and also did SANE cases while working in the ER.  I testified a couple of times for ER cases and absolutely loved learning about the processes.  

I am looking forward to assisting Lawyers to determine merit.  I am looking forward to helping with case summaries, locating Expert Witnesses, assisting with interrogatories, and much more.  I promise to always do the best job I can do and to always be upfront and honest in everything that I do.